Happy Friday, my friends! The Indiana Geeking Podcast is back, with an episode that I know at least four people look forward to every year! That's right, it's the yearly Magic: The Gathering episode! Joining me at Geek Cave Studios are my friends Jarred Juett and TJ Zmina to talk about what has happened on the M:TG scene since their last visit in June of 2017. For an Indiana Geeking Podcast first, this episode is the first part of a two-part series! There was so much to talk about things happening from both a financial and a player standpoint, that I kept track of time and cut the discussion off, to make sure we didn't have another 100 minute episode! With this in mind, tuck in for the next 65 minutes and 35 seconds to listen to the three of us shoot the bull about all of the expansions and issues with the game from June 2017 through Rivals!

Time stamps!

  • 0:00 - 0:07 Guest Announcement
  • 0:00 - 3:34 “The Trouble With Tribbles, Part One” by Five Year Mission
  • 3:34 - 5:17 Things to do, Episode Information
  • 5:17 - 5:25 Punching in Guests
  • 5:25 - 1:02:50 - Magic: The Gathering with Jarred and TJ
  • 1:02:50 - 1:05:35 “Keep Beach City Weird” by The Shake Ups in Beach City
  • 1:03:04 - 1:04:44 Outro, Patron Thanks

Links of note!

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